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Absolutely fantastic massage! Really took her time and made sure I was feeling better and refreshed by the time I left. Great!- Jul 29, 2018 

Try it you’ll like it. I have been a bi weekly customer since Leominster Massage opened.

The quality of the massage is consistently excellent and my various aches and pains are tended to appropriately. Try it ! - Jul 11, 2019 


Excellent massage therapist

Antoinette is the best massage therapist I have ever been to.She is highly effective and professional in her work. I highly recommend her

May 2, 2019


Noticeably looser from Previously tight shoulders. I came in no expectations massage feels good I just wanted to relax you know I walked down the hallway able to move my arms up above my head and just stretching my shoulders out noticeably a lot looser I work construction I work hard and now I want to do this again real soon to keep my shoulders and back muscles feeling this good and relaxed instead of tight Antoinette is high-quality skilled masseuse John P. -Apr 7, 2019


Highly recommend It was so easy to make an appointment and the evening hours offered are great - perfect after a long day! I had immediate relief from my neck pain, thank you so much!! - Mar 21, 2019


Fantastic Fantastic massage every single time! I cannot say enough about what a great job Toni does and how professional she is, yet you feel like you have known her forever with her friendly, warm disposition. I could not be more pleased and would recommend her to anyone. The atmosphere is very relaxing and I always walk out feeling amazing.

- Mar 17, 2019



Awesome massage! I was able to get in the same day that I sought to schedule the massage. I had a fall and need to have my muscles relaxed. She relaxed the muscle and was able to tell me of some swelling in my spine that needed ice. I appreciated her professionalism and her taking time to find what could have a deep massage and what could not be. Would go back again. Feb 18, 2019


Amazing Experience! This was my first professional massage. I had such a positive experience. I felt comfortable throughout the massage, and absolutely amazing after! - Oct 1, 2018


Amazing service and extremely accommodating.

Antoinette has been my daughter's sports massage therapist for a few months now. She is absolutely fabulous. My daughter plays soccer and suffered a dislocation of her knee 7 weeks ago. She has been seeing Antoinette once a week along with PT. I love how Antoinette took the time to also show my daughter how to properly roll her muscles before and after games but she also showed her techniques to help with her overall muscle health.

HIGHLY recommended! - Sep 16, 2018


Antoinette does amazing work. My teenage daughter sees Antoinette for sports massage with her knee injury. I see her for general relaxation. She is extremely knowledgeable and i appreciate that She takes the time explain what She is doing and how the muscles interact, etc. She takes the time to show my daughter and I good muscle rolling techniques to aid in injury prevention. - Aug 9, 2018


Wonderful! Toni does a fantastic job and always has me walking away relaxed, tension-free and in a wonderful zen-like state. I could not be happier to find such a talented massage therapist. - Jun 8, 2018


Massage Antoinette did an excellent massage! Very professional! Very informative! Went over all that she did!

- Mar 23, 2018


Toni is fantastic! She does an amazing job setting a relaxing atmosphere and makes sure that you leave feeling relaxed & like a new person. Best massage therapist I have seen, hands down. I needed a deep tissue, and most cannot get enough pressure to give me relief; not Toni, she was perfect! Thank you for a great environment & massage.

Mar 15, 2018


Therapeutic Massage

Antoinette did a great job, relieved my right shoulder pain after one massage session. Feeling better today... - Dec 11, 2017


Feel so relaxed I don't want to drive home.

Just what I needed! My body moves easily again. I didn't know how tight my legs were until this massage. I'm glad I went with the full body therapeutic massage. The head massage alone was heavenly and that just set the tone for the rest of the time as Ann went from one section to the next section. Deep pressure lullaby massage because I think I feel asleep a few times. Lol Ann, you did a great massage, just what I needed. Thank you. L.G. - Oct 4, 2017


Feel Great!

I try to work out often and my shoulder wasgetting more and more painful just to keep up with the normal routine. I asked for some back and shoulders to be worked on, but what I received was a complete hand to arm to neck & back massage. Now I'm getting my arms freely above my head. Can't wait to see how the gym feels next. I quess this is the rehab massage, Antonette has skilled hands. I'm completely satisfied. - Sep 24, 2017


Alway good pressure

I am so relaxed every time Toni gives me a massage, I feel just wonderful! I specifically needed my shoulders and neck work on and now I'm feeling considerably better than I've been in 6 months. Very professional therapeutic massage. I feel better ever. - Sep 21, 2017


Antoinette is absolutely remarkable.

She has the touch!

Professional, knowledgeable and intuitive. She found all the right spots and my nagging stiffness is gone I am actually walking straighter and feel taller!

- Sep 17, 2017


RElaxing! Wonderful atmosphere & great massage. Toni did a wonderful job concentrating on trouble zones, took her time & was very kind & knowledgeable. She has earned a customer for life. - Aug 1, 2017

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