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Antoinette Gabriel at  

Leominster Massage

Promoting Self care and Wellness


Hello, I'm Antoinette Gabriel of Leominster Massage. 

Thank you for visiting my web page. 

Currently, I'm the only MT, soon I want to add more to the staff to offer a fuller schedule for booking massages. Right now, Leominster Massage is open:  

Saturday~ Monday~ Friday by appointment: 

I have limited availability, 

please call in advance tensure 

time for an appointment.

978-732-3778 ~Thank you   

I am passionate about helping people through massage therapy. I was introduced to this modality of therapy when seeking relief from cervical spine injuries - and Massage Works!! 

Not only did the muscle release relieve pain it also gave me back the use of my hands. 

Nerve impingements were so problematic that my hands were tingling all the time as myasthenia developed. I was literally dropping stuff all the time.   

So, I am a believer in massage therapy for muscle and soft tissue manipulation, 

its an emotional comfort aid for overall relaxation 

which brings our body, mind & soul into homeostasis.  

Thank you for visiting my page, 

I wish you a great rest of your day.

Coming Soon...Summer 2022 Bi-Monthly Yoga w/Spirit led Mediation Sunday evenings.

For Spirit Led prayer and Focus mindset, while relaxing in restorative yoga positions join the Bi-Monthly classes. Sunday evenings at 7pm. Namaste in Jesus Name. 

Antoinette Gabriel LMT/CR

Licensed in Massachusetts

Graduated from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, Worcester,  Ma

Certified in Reflexology from Accusage Academy, Oxford, MA  

Member of AMTA

First time receiving a massage? Click on AMTA logo above to read what to expect  when you receive a massage. 

Trained in 

Prenatal Massage, 


Hot Stone Massage, 

Thai & Yoga massage!

Namaste meets One God Faith

Doing right by others is how to do right by God. 

I'm a spirit filled believer baptized in Jesus Name. 

I offer prayer when asked, words of encouragement when accepted, but always my intentions are for your restoration and wellbeing.

Namaste & May God's Face shine on you!