Hello, Thanks for stopping by my website.

I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist and Young Living Essential Oils distributor.

My introduction to massage therapy was for treatment of a spinal neck injury, so my first love is the mechanical nuts and bolts of anatomy, kinesiology and neuromuscular therapy. Massage Works! I found pain relief and full function after a series of massage treatments. That's why I choose "Rehab" as my special massage modality.

This therapeutic touch brought out a healthy, positive change in me and thought this is what I want to do for a living; it's helping others in very personal, yet professional way. The stresses of problems, illness, hurts, and life in general that I carried were let go. Endorphins are released from massage, calming the PNS. In a “Relax” state our bodies naturally start to mend and this promotes balance and wellness.

I believe in massage, I know palpation of the soft tissues aid in muscle release, a trusting atmosphere of knowledgeable treatments of appropriate touch will improved the emotional, spiritual & physical person. I believe Massage "Renews" the essences of our inner being.

Rehab, Relax, Renew.....Therapeutic Massage